Good communication and short lines between school and parents are important to us. Therefore we work with the communication app ‘Parro’. Through this platform the school shares information with parents. Parro is a pleasant and AVG-proof alternative. 


Parro is a communication tool where you as a parent can find all the information from school but also can get in touch with the teacher. You can start a conversation with the teacher yourself, or the teacher can send you a message personally. Think of an announcement, asking a question or reporting your child sick (before 08.15 a.m.). 

The app is great for news items and the short contacts. For example: a request for parental assistance, or some practical information about group activities. There is also a calendar in which special activities are mentioned. 


The teacher can share pictures of a group activity, schedule parent meetings or make an announcement about a particular theme the group is working on. 

You can also indicate privacy preferences for your son or daughter. You can think of the periodic portrait photo, periodic group photo, image Parro, etc. Parro can be used on any device. It is available as an app (is preferred) and as a website. 


Download the app (Parro) on your phone or tablet from the App-store or Playstore. For a computer, laptop or Windows-Phone; go on the internet to: Sign in with the code you received from the group teacher. 


Via 'profile' you can configure the app according to your wishes. When new announcements are made in Parro, you will receive a notification. If you still have questions, ask if another parent can help you, or ask your question to the teacher. On you will also find answers to many questions. We hope you will find Parro a pleasant communication tool.